Electric Well Pump Control

A Smart Farm system can remotely turn on and off electric pumps and monitor flow rate (with an option flow meter) from the mobile and desk-top user interfaces. The electric pump controller requires an external high voltage switch to do so as the output from our electric pump controller is a low voltage signal. We connect the controller to an opto-isolated high voltage switch which is mounted to the outside of the service panel. No high voltage wires leave the service panel.

Our high voltage switch is ETL listed and contains built in MOVs which insures the highest level of reliability. We also provide 480V low current fuse blocks and a time delay relay in our kit to protect the pump and contactor. Both are mounted in the service panel in accordance with NEC codes. Our implementation for electric pump control will extend equipment life and insure reliable, fail safe recovery during AC power interruptions to the pump. Please note installing electric pump controllers require trained and certified electricians to do the work in order to insure safety for all.


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