Product Overview

Smart Farm is all about intelligent irrigation and smarter farming. We have developed a comprehensive state-of-the-art monitoring and control system that delivers the information farmers need on a daily and even hourly basis. Our patented wireless communications system integrates smart sensors and pump modules with RF wireless technology for remote field monitoring and well pump control.

The infographic below shows an overview of our terrestrial wireless network. Our system can function on a stand-alone basis and does not require 3rd-party cellular services providers to operate. The main headquarter base station communicates directly to local pumps or weather stations within range. This system can be expanded to hundreds of nodes spread over hundreds of square miles to outlying devices with appropriately spaced repeater towers. In this diagram each repeater tower connects to pumps within its range; each pump connects to its nearby moisture or water level monitoring station.

Our 900MHZ, 1W frequency hopping spread spectrum radio modules employ AES-128 encryption to insure long range and data security. These modules have a typical range of 4 to 7 miles, based on antenna height and terrain.

We offer secure mobile app connectivity allowing operators and farmhands to monitor and control the system on the go, as appropriate, based on three different levels of access rights. The mobile app and base station do require a cell or Internet connection to communicate together.

Some of our products are also ideal for Quarry sites. Select parts provide the ability to easily monitor and control water which increases safety, delivers reports on water removed from waterways for compliance and to provide real-time automation of water for time and money savings.


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