Features & Benefits

Based on 5 years of in-field testing work, we developed a state-of-the-art monitoring and control system that delivers the information farmers need to grow more crops and more profits by helping them better manage their field operations.

Pump Control – remote and automated turn-off control of most electric and diesel irrigation well pumps used on farms today.

Pump Monitoring – the essential information a farmer needs to know about the operation condition of his well pumps.

  • Water flow rate, flow start and stop times/flow rate variance alert
  • Seasonal total volume of ground water extraction
  • Diesel pump monitoring parameters:
  • Fuel tank level/fuel consumption/fuel tamper alert
  • Engine tachometer/speed variance alert
  • Battery voltage/low voltage alert
  • Murphy panel system faults

Pump Automation Features – easy-to-use, easy-to-understand automation features that have a tremendous positive impact on field operations. Examples include:

  • Scheduled automatic off times – diesel and electric pumps
  • Rain gauge triggered automatic shutdowns
  • Soil moisture level threshold automatic shutdowns
  • “All Off” pump command feature
  • Water level triggered automatic shutdowns for rice fields based on standing water levels
  • Field operator specific automation scheduling access rights

Pump Preventative Maintenance Reminders – will maximize the operation life and efficiency of in-field equipment.

  • Filter and fluids scheduler based on run-time tracking
  • Organizer for equipment maintenance items by engine type and filter part numbers
  • Field operator specific accountability

In-Field Sensor Monitoring – the critical information you need to know about field and environmental conditions – so that you can make the best possible decisions about your irrigation schedules.

  • Map view of operational status of entire farm
  • Soil moisture levels
  • Rice field water levels
  • Trend line graphing all sensors, all stations
  • Our optional weather stations can be installed at any pump or monitoring locations and provide: Rain gauge accumulations, Anemometer (wind speed and direction), Instantaneous and total accumulated solar radiation, Ambient temperature We also provide critical crop and field information based on crop type and weather station readings: Growth degree days, Evapotranspiration rate, Heat index and Dew point

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