Quarry and Mine Solutions

In addition to farms of all sizes, Smart Farm offers extensive, much-needed quarry automation systems to save time and money, reduce accidents and achieve compliance through better real-time reporting. Our remote monitoring and water control system can greatly help quarries deal effectively with growing pressures and requirements.

Quarries in level areas with shallow groundwater or which are located close to surface water often have engineering problems or accidents related to water and drainage. Rain also necessitates monitoring and pumping from the pits. Generally, the water is removed by pumping while the quarry is operational. But for high inflows more complex approaches may be required for safety, compliance and business reasons.

If you are a quarry owner or manager, consider if you have ever had to send someone to turn pumps on because it was raining on weekends or holidays. Do you feel safe that they are walking around doing this in the rain and potentially alone? What are the costs associated with this and how much does it cost in downtime if workers have to wait for pits to be pumped of water?  This is where Smart Farm comes in. We address these serious issues with more current, visible and reliable solutions.

While large pumps are used to keep water out once quarrying proceeds below the water table, controlling levels is also not easy. You may have a basic sump system with a float, which provides no notification if it is on or status of the system. With Smart Farm, you can see everything real-time and make changes immediately as needed. 

Our systems are affordable and can be easily deployed for faster, smarter water monitoring and adjustments from anywhere using select Smart Farm products coupled with our mobile app used on mobile devices and desktop PCs. Together, these provide precision control of water levels and access to handy reports for compliance.

From a safety standpoint on a national average, statistics show that 25 to 29 percent of all mining injuries are slip and fall accidents. We help increase overall safety through real-time, reliable automation of water levels with one touch on a control device.

Case studies have shown precision water control can have a major impact on quarry safety and operating costs. Plus, our systems can be retrofitted on existing sites and provide immediate impact with a fast return on investment.

Smart Farm Quarry Products

  • Mobile App (for Mobile Devices or Desktop Computers)
  • Electric and Diesel Pump Nodes (EP1 and DP1)
  • Moisture Nodes with Water Level Sensors (MM1 and ULS1)
  • Weather Station (WS1)
  • Flow Meter (FMK)
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor for Diesel Pumps (FPS1)
  • High Voltage Switch for Electric Pumps (HV1)
  • Repeater Nodes (SR1)

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Smart Farm Quarry and Mine Solutions
Smart Farm Quarry and Mine Solutions
Smart Farm Quarry and Mine Solutions
Smart Farm Quarry and Mine Solutions

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