Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the system cost?

It depends on the number and types of devices to be installed and the span of the farm. This is why we do a site survey first. This site survey will determine:

  • Does the farm headquarters have a CB antenna tower we can put our antenna on or will we need to put up a tower
  • Is there cell service available on the farm
  • Is there an internet connection at the farm HQ
  • Do you want a display device and keyboard installed at the farm headquarters
  • How many and what type of pumps you want to control
  • We must inspect each pump and determine
  • Are the electric pump service panels up to code
  • Are the murphy panels at the diesel pumps connected and in good working order
  • Do you want a flow meter installed on each pump
  • What is the diameter of the discharge pipe and is there sufficient space on the pipe for a flow meter
  • Do you want a fuel tank level sensor on each diesel pump
  • How many moisture level or water level sensors do you want to monitor
  • How many weather stations do you want installed
  • What are all the locations of the devices, how far apart are they and are there any obstructions we have to deal with
    We have to determine if repeater nodes will be required and are there structures we can place them on where needed – or will stand alone 30ft repeater tower structures needs to be installed
  • How many employees do you want to have access to the smart farm user interface

What is the warranty?

One year parts and labor.

Will any problems with Smart Farm equipment keep me from manually operating my pumps?

No, our equipment does not replace or take over the function of existing monitoring or control equipment at the pumps. We connect to diesel murphy panels and electric service panels and do not interrupt and reroute any critical signals to pass through our nodes.

Will my interface be customized for my farm?

Yes, once we have all the necessary information we will create a custom user interface that will provide a map overview of the farm showing all devices installed, the names you want them to have and locations they are in. We also create user profiles and login credentials for each of the employees you want to have access to the system.

I want to be in a “monitor only mode” for a while and not enable any automation features, is that possible?

Yes – we can set user rights to block the use of automation control functions, which you can then later change on your own with system admin rights.

Is training provided for operators and farm hands?

Yes, once the system is set up and operational we will provide on-site training to all who will be using it.

I want to restrict access to certain things for certain workers, is that possible?

Yes, it is completely up to you. We will set up access rights the way you want, and then show you how to change them in the future yourself.

I want to know who performs the maintenance work on each pump and when it will was done, how could I do that?

Our system allows you to identify date and time and service operator as the work is done. We also provide alerts when a maintenance-scheduled item comes due, based on your desired maintenance intervals.

How will I be notified if a pump goes down or there is an equipment fault?

We provide alerts on all user interface devices.

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