Lifestyle Benefits

Greater Peace of Mind

Farmers understand that Ag Business today is full of challenges that are completely out of their control. Weather, seed supply, fed and state regulations, USDA programs, and commodity markets are just to name a few. Profitable farm business today have learned that efficiency is the next step in helping reduce expenses and waste while creating better yields and net profits.

Smart Farm Systems was created by farmers and automation experts to help deliver real time monitoring of one of the most inefficient and wasteful inputs on the farm – water. Fuel, water, and time are very valuable and constantly diminishing and we make most efficient use of all of them. Our app and hardware is easy to use and offers the data needed to make better decisions in the short growing window we all operate in.

Smart Farm has developed a state-of- the-art monitoring and control system that delivers the information every farmer needs to grow more crops and increase productivity – whether they are on the farm or away from the farm.

Through our easy-to- use mobile applications that reside on your smart phone or tablet, you can see your entire farm and keep an eye on everything from home, the office or even while away enjoying family or vacation time. With Smart Farm Systems, you can instantly check on wells, get alerts when something changes, and much more. All the while, you’ll rest assured your farm is better managed and more efficient than ever before.

Enjoy greater efficiency and a better life knowing your farm is under control

  • See water status, pump status and more using our handy mobile app – from anywhere
  • Get instant alerts on your smart phone or device about water and flow rate variance – anytime
  • Manage Assets by tracking service intervals, battery currents, and fuel quantities.
  • Focus on family more, knowing your farm is easy to access and under control
  • Save time from having to drive on the farm checking wells – it’s all in your hands
  • Enjoy greater peace of mind and family time

By creating more time to spend away from pumps and conserving precious ground water, growers now can focus on getting back to their families and leaving them a profitable legacy to build upon one day.

Creating more while using less, that’s genius. And that’s Smart Farm Systems.

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