Automation Options

Farming for a better future – for every generation.

At Smart Farm, we hold ourselves accountable for providing the most efficient systems to increase farming capability today while preserving our environments for future generations. The Ag community knows that the environment and land must be treated properly and in sustainable ways now to have strong farms and farming communities down the road.

Through our carefully designed automation and data storage systems, Farmers are able to take better control of their farms and futures in newfound ways. We help reduce water and energy waste, while increasing overall efficiency and crop productivity. Our chief goal is to provide high quality products and innovative solutions to meet your long-term irrigation control needs.

Here are some specifics on our automation capabilities that can help your farm prosper today – and tomorrow.

The more things that are monitored, the more opportunity there is to make informed decisions — and to create control algorithms to automate a process. For automation to truly be useful it needs to be easy to understand and easy to change. Our approach creates a step-by-step process for the farm operator to implement based on the following logic:

When something you’re monitoring hits a pre-specified condition you set (such as water reached a certain level), then the system will automatically take a certain action at specific pumps or all pumps.

For example, when the flow rate of a well pump goes below a certain gallon per minute of discharge, shut down the pump and send an alert to the operator. Or, when the water level in a rice field being filled rises to 4 inches, turn off the well pump and send a notification to the operator.

The following monitored conditions can trigger an event:

  • A simple timer
  • A date and time alarm clock
  • Rainfall at a weather station
  • Water flow rate
  • Diesel engine RPM
  • Fuel level
  • Fuel tamper (meaning a rapid drop in fuel level)
  • Diesel pump battery voltage
  • Pump or monitoring node performance parameters
  • Moisture probe levels
  • Water meter levels
  • Wind speed
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pump shutdown fault
  • Moisture or water level probe fault
  • Maintenance alert

Actions than can be taken based on an event trigger (at this time)

  • Turn off a pump
  • Send an alert message to the operator

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