Smart Farm™ is Growing And Arkansas Farmers Are Harvesting the Benefits


Area farmers save time and water by using Smart Farm Systems to monitor
and control resources at both a field-by-field and overall farm level.

NICHOLASVILLE, KY — Sept 19, 2018 — Smart Farm™ Smart Farm Systems, Inc., is proving that thoroughly-tested, modern technology can help resolve one of the oldest and most basic problems farmers everywhere face, namely making sure that their crops are getting the right amount of irrigation at all times. The company, founded in 2012, is built on the scientific knowledge of automation and control combined with the genuine, down-to-earth experience of row crop farming of large spreads.

Among the farmsteads benefiting from Smart Farm tools are well known, longstanding growers like Bishop Whitley of Arkansas who has 47 irrigation pumps with the patented Smart Farm technology installed. Here’s what Whitley said about Smart Farms: “This is the most beneficial technology I’ve spent money on since GPS Auto-steer. If I’d have had this system in the past, I could have spent a lot more time with family. You can’t buy back time. I’m just glad I have it in place now, so I have more time going forward.”

What is Smart Farm and what does it do?

Smart Farm uses a time-proven communications network to give farmers remote access to their entire farm from anywhere. It gives farmers/growers/managers real-time ability to monitor and control what’s going on at a field-by-field basis and overall farm-wide level for vastly-improved decision making and resource savings. This control helps farmers address their biggest problems today: labor, prices, production costs, declining natural resources, scalability, reporting and more. This automation combats these inefficiencies, and helps protect the farmer’s future, available resources and our country’s food supply.

Bob Farinelli, President and CEO for Smart Farm Systems highlighted some of the important, compelling system features. “Farmers can visually see their entire farm or specific pumps with our easy-to-use iPhone / iPad interface – from anywhere,” Farinelli said. “We put the ability to access, monitor, turn on and off pumps, receive notifications of events and faults and much more – right in the farmers’ hands. This gives them the new ability to make the smartest, real-time decisions on every aspect that is critical to their crops and production.”

Cofounder Brandon Finch draws on his experience managing the irrigation of a 7,000-acre family row crop farm (with over 90 pumps) to understand and analyze the serious issues farmers face today. “The problem with most technology being delivered for farmers today,” Finch explained, “is that it’s been designed by non-farm operators who build what they believe will be effective. In most cases, they have not spent enough time interacting with the farmers and addressing their most obvious needs.”

Additional features the cofounders highlighted include instant All Off function in the event of rain, various electric and diesel pump controls, easy-to-set timers for farm automation, flow rate monitoring, battery monitoring, environmental and weather monitoring (rain, temp, humidity, wind speed, etc.), soil moisture levels, rice field water levels and more.

The company is also working with several conservation programs, the AG Council, and various Mid-south states to offer farmers support via tax incentives, grants and programs. These are all geared to make embracing today’s automation easy and fast for farmers in the interest of their productivity, happiness and stewardship of the land.

About Smart Farm

Smart Farm™ means intelligent irrigation, grown in the USA. We apply decades of knowledge in control, automation and farming to create a greener future. Our mission is to provide farmers everywhere with a precision irrigation monitoring and control system that revolutionizes their ability to conserve energy and water, improve crop yields and reduce equipment maintenance and labor costs. Smart Farm delivers real-time, actionable information including status of local weather, equipment and crops for immediate improvements in efficiency. We've got the big picture, and the close-ups, too. Our patent pending communication network integrates sensors and pump control modules with RF wireless technology to allow farmers to remotely monitor field conditions and control all well pumps—without monthly fees or geographic limitations.  

Smart Farm delivers the information you need to grow. 

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