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NICHOLASVILLE, KY — January 11, 2017 — Smart Farm™ Systems, Inc. announces the launch of a new and lively website that graphically illustrates the company’s state-of-the-art, intelligent irrigation monitoring and control systems. The website can be found at


"After four years of in-field testing on farms in Arkansas, it’s now time for us to introduce our turn-key solution. Our precision irrigation monitoring and control system can help create a more profitable future for farmers while at the same time reduce their environmental impact," said Bob Farinelli, Smart Farm President and Chief Technology Officer. "The goal of our new website is to share our important progress and product specifics with the Ag community as a whole."


"Farmers are expected to produce more food and use less water and energy in the process," said co-founder Brandon Finch. "Currently, agricultural operations waste up to 60% of the water they consume each year. Now more than ever, new technologies for water conservation must be adopted, and Smart Farm is leading the charge on this effort." 


Case studies have shown that precision irrigation can improve yields by 5%–8% and reduce input costs by a similar percentage. Smart Farm’s systems can be retrofitted on existing sites and provide immediate impact with a very short return on investment time period.


The new website caps off a long parade of progress for Smart Farm. In 2016 they completed a $1.6M Series A Fund Raise, and also received a USDA Conservation Innovation Grant Award. The co-founders have extensive experience in both control/automation and agriculture. Bob Farinelli holds 22 patents in the field of automation, signal distribution and control systems. Bob was co-founder of Elan Home Systems, a leading, global manufacturer of residential and commercial automation products. Brandon Finch has farmed his whole life and serves on the Board of Directors for the Arkansas Ag Council and is a member of the Arkansas Water Plan Advisory Group. Ryan Heringer, owner of Sound Concepts (based in Jonesboro AR) is a very successful integrator with over 15 years of experience in automation systems sales and installation. Ryan is spearheading the product launch into the market place and will build a nationwide dealer base that will provide the local, hands-on support that farmers need.

About Smart Farm

Smart Farm™ means intelligent irrigation, grown in the USA. We apply decades of knowledge in control, automation and farming to create a greener future. Our mission is to provide farmers everywhere with a precision irrigation monitoring and control system that revolutionizes their ability to conserve energy and water, improve crop yields and reduce equipment maintenance and labor costs. Smart Farm delivers real-time, actionable information including status of local weather, equipment and crops for immediate improvements in efficiency. We've got the big picture, and the close-ups, too. Our patent pending communication network integrates sensors and pump control modules with RF wireless technology to allow farmers to remotely monitor field conditions and control all well pumps—without monthly fees or geographic limitations. 

Smart Farm delivers the information you need to grow. 

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